New square business cards for Jardin de France

I last designed cards for Houston-based antique dealers Jardin de France in 2018, and this new batch is completely different in style. The client was looking for something simple and effective that they could easily pass out at their upcoming trade show.

Always active on Instagram, they wanted their online presence quickly scannable, so I put their handle, @jardindefrancetx, on one side, and their personal name and phone number on the other.  Also included is the company’s website, which they hired me to craft back in 2018.

Their web address

You’ll notice the short web address on the cards – I registered that as a second domain for their company, and its sole intent is to automatically forward visitors to their main URL,

I use in the print ads I design for them, where page space can be limited. The shortened URL’s 5 letters are much more easily typed into a web browser than their full domain, making it perfect for print use.

New square business cards for Jardin de France

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