• Register an account at with your Envato Purchase Token to download the latest “Avada Builder” and “Avada Core” required plugins via the support dashboard.

Why Avada is great

I love Theme Fusion’s Avada theme for WordPress. It’s a powerful tool that lets me construct just about any page layout I can imagine. With Avada’s baked-in theme builder toolset, I can create unique websites, each with their own visual identity and structure. To keep my skills sharp with this theme, I have a local WordPress install on my machine with Avada activated (not to mention its child theme as well).

The issue with the v7 update

Version 7 of Avada includes many new features. However, because installing the advanced theme on budget hosts can cause a server to stall, Theme Fusion no longer packages the core plugins required for Avada to function in the distributed zip file. To access these plugins, “Avada Builder” and “Avada Core”, your theme must be registered by entering your Envato Token in the dashboard. That registration token can only be used once though. This means if you want to install Avada an additional time for a local practice site, it won’t accept the token, preventing you from automatically downloading the core plugins.

How to solve this problem

Downloading “Avada Builder” and “Avada Core” without registering your theme is very straightforward. All that is necessary is to activate an account on by entering your Envato Token. This account grants you access to the Theme Fusion support dashboard. Once logged in, navigate to the “Avada Plugins” tab, and from there you can download the latest versions of “Avada Builder” and “Avada Core,” along with a few other premium plugins.

Something to note

Keep in mind, every time Theme Fusion pushes a new version of Avada, the core plugins are also updated, so you will always need to redownload their latest versions.

I hope this article has been helpful and saves you from the headache I had while trying to figure out the plugin problem. Leave a comment if you have any questions, and thanks for reading.


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