Meet Bill Bickley – he founded Pet Artificial Limbs and Supports (PALS) in Houston, TX.

Bill Bickley
Bill Bickley

Bill is a licensed orthotist and prosthetist with over 20 years of experience. His work is unique, however – the limb braces and supports he creates are designed for animals. In 2016 he came to me, looking for a new website to showcase his company and the specialized services he provides.

Project Website Link:

The website’s stand-out feature is the PALS Canine Design Center. Customers can use this tool to visualize their dog’s injury solution and choose from 10 unique design finishes. Bill says that it can be easy to get prosthetics and orthotics mixed up, so the graphics that are generated help his clients better understand the product they are receiving.

Bill Bickley is a leading industry professional, and the PALS website with its unique Canine Design Center has helped establish and spread his name.

Technical Details

Web Framework: ZURB Foundation 6
GitHub Repo Source Files:

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