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Right-click on the setup app, select Show Package Contents, drill down 2 directories and then double-click on the app’s Unix exec file. Example screenshot GIFs below.

Canon’s not-so-easy “Easy Wireless Connect”

Setting up a Canon printer that has no mini display or AirPrint capabilities can be tricky. Their “Easy Wireless Connect” instructions page has just 2 steps, does not conclude with a successfully connected printer, and actually feels like an incomplete webpage. To clarify, this is only for setting up a printer that does not have a mini touch screen for connecting the printer to your Wifi.

Thankfully Canon has a Mac app to more easily connect your new printer. It took me a while to find it, but I was relieved once I finally located their Mac printer driver page online. I downloaded the driver for my printer, the Canon PIXMA TS 302. I’ll save you the headache – don’t buy this printer. I got it on sale for $50 on Amazon and it quickly became apparent why it was so cheap. It was a nightmare to set up.

After downloading the driver, I opened the file and clicked Setup. Nothing happened. I unmounted the file and tried again – still nothing. Here’s what I did to get it running.

Canon Printer Drivers Setup Not Starting
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One way to fix a Mac app that won’t open

I right-clicked on Setup and selected Show Package Contents. Then I navigated into Contents, followed by MacOS, and then double-clicked on the Unix exec file Setup. A Terminal window appeared with a brief message, and then Canon Printer Setup finally opened up.

Using Terminal to get Canon Printer Setup to start

I’m not sure why it didn’t originally open like it normally should, but if you ever experience a similar issue with a newly downloaded app, try these same steps. ContentsMacOS are standard directory setups in a Mac app, and the Unix exec file will typically be the same name as the app, so it should be straightforward to locate and run.

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2 thoughts on “How to fix Canon printer drivers not installing in macOS

  1. michael summers says:

    yes made a mistake and bought a cheap Canon wireless printer (drivers provided by Huawei) or that’s what came up on the screen and no it wouldn’t install on a brand new MacBook pro but the software installed on my old mid 2009 MacBook pro no problem at all still can’t see the printer but I’m hoping with a usb cable I will be able to print.

    1. Nico Watine says:

      Yeah it should print but in fact once it’s connected via usb you might be able to set it up as wireless

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