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Heads up

This reviews the Foam Masters memory foam AirPod Pro tips 3.0 version. They have since released a newer 4.0 “Black Magic” edition, so the 3’s are available at a discount.


  • They’re excellent, but just be sure to not buy the black pair

The memory foam AirPod Pro tips made by Foam Masters are awesome. If you’ve ever had any issues with your AirPods getting knocked loose or even just falling out, this is the thing for you.

Foam Masters Box
Foam Masters Box

Not only do the Foam Masters tips help secure the earbud in your ear, the memory foam expands to fill your outer ear canal better and more fully than the stock silicone tips that the AirPod Pros come with, reducing ambient noise seepage.


While pairs of small, medium and large size tips are each available for individual order, a multi-size pack with all 3 is available for the same price as a single size. For the overall improvement in music listening experience they provide, these memory foam tips are totally worth the $20 they go for on the manufacturer’s website, with free shipping. They’re also available on Amazon, but at the time of writing, these tips sell for $25 there.

Foam Masters Memory Foam AirPod Pro Tips Multi-Size Pack
Foam Masters Memory Foam AirPod Pro Tips Multi-Size Pack

How well do they work?

Turning both Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes off is the best way to get a sense of the difference between the Foam Master tips and the default Pros silicone tips. The enhanced seal provided by the memory foam is superb – there really is a notable reduction to ambient noise seepage. Add to the fact that the expanded foam helps secure in your earbuds, helping to prevent them from falling out, their $20 price tag is totally worth it.

Some cons

As far as AirPod Pro tips go, ear wax seems to stick more easily to foam than silicone. Foam Master offers their memory foam tips in white, gray and black. I purchased black and don’t recommend it, because the dark color makes any residual ear wax more obvious. Since it’s reported that the white tips can become a discolored yellow, I would recommend the gray pair.

What’s in the box

Unboxing the Foam Master memory foam tips was a satisfying experience. It’s everything you would hope for in a specialty niche product like this.

Foam Masters Opened Box

The tips come packaged in a smooth white box elegantly embossed with Foam Masters in silver print. After peeling off the easy-open tab, a covered tray slides out like a drawer. The top of the lid shows the easy 3-step instructions on using the tips, and the bottom includes a list with quick tips on cleaning and extending the life of the product. In the multi-pack, each size is stored in its own mini cubby.

Foam Masters AirPod Pro Memory Foam Tips Box Contents
Foam Masters AirPod Pro Memory Foam Tips Box Contents

Lastly, there’s a personal note from the owners of the family business, expressing their gratitude for your purchase and requesting an Amazon review. It was a pleasant surprise and is a nice touch to finish off unboxing the memory foam tips.

All in all

These memory foam tips provide an excellent improvement to daily usage of AirPod Pros. If you’re looking to greatly reduce the chance of your earbuds falling out while also reducing ambient noise seepage, these Foam Masters tips are the way to go. They’re totally worth a $20 investment, and the money supports a small independent business.

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